About Us

Frontier Group is a fast-growing Tax Services company. Our clients are top financial services professionals resident but not domiciled in the UK... Read more >

Our core business is working with them to:

  • Gain maximum benefit, through innovation, from the advantages available to expatriates within the UK taxation system and
  • To identify the most suitable and tax-efficient investments both onshore and offshore.

These services were formerly provided by Coppergate International. A “membership” that offers new and exciting financial and lifestyle solutions to enhance the service to our clients.

Why be a Frontier Group member?

  • Access to leading advice on tax and investments from experienced specialists.
  • Extensive range of UK and US tax services to maximize potential tax reliefs.
  • Exciting tax solutions covering cross border taxes.
  • The ability to “network” with other members through our interactive web based platform.

Find out more about becoming a member from the membership link or by contacting us.


Frontier Group was established in 2006 and brings together a specialised group of experts in the fields of UK and US tax compliance, tax investigations, international tax and wealth protection... Read more >

We offer a depth experience for advising individual on their tax affairs. This provided by our team of 15 consultants, who also pride themselves in maintaining a coordinated and personal service to all our members.

We are an owner managed company whose objective is to grow the depth of its service to our clients, not share holder profit. We currently look after the tax affairs of more than 1000 individuals and have advised many 1000’s more on specific transactions.

In addition, if we do not have the necessary expertise in house to handle every element of your affairs, we can work with our established network of trusted advisors to further enhance our services to you. Such additional services include areas such as trust and estate planning from a UK, US and international perspective, wills, setting up offshore companies or offshore trusts, company payroll/VAT compliance services, tax compliance issues in other jurisdictions around the world and much, much more.

Our Approach

Based in the heart of London, Frontier Group is proud to offer to our clients a very personal and dedicated tax compliance and advisory service to individuals with the core objective of delivering tax efficiency and wealth protection.... Read more >

We understand that individuals may find dealing with their tax affairs to be a time consuming and often stressful process, which can be further complicated where their affairs involve expatriate matters such as holding offshore investments, relocating to the UK, or moving overseas. We are here to help ease that burden and guide you through the process of handling your tax and financial affairs in a cross border, international environment. We can offer a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that your affairs are dealt with accurately, proactively and are structured in a compliant and tax efficient manner.

Frontier offers a proactive, efficient and comprehensive tax service to individuals. This we like to call our Membership service.

We believe in providing our clients with quality advice to help them to find the right solution for their personal tax position and we guide them through each stage of our services.

We have built our business success on the long term relationships with clients and this is due to a culture where the team are driven to perform and operate with the highest integrity and expertise to meet our client’s expectations. Our team of specialist advisors have a multi-cultural and multi-lingual background and our expertise is used to help our members structure their affairs correctly and tax efficiently.

We believe in delivering our promises and the team work hard to achieve this every time we are engaged to provide our services. We are receptive and responsive to the changing needs of our clients and this helps us to deliver highly bespoke advice and planning which keep our clients up to date with various changes in legislation.

We pride ourselves on offering a very personal service, tailored to the specific needs of our members. We believe that the best way to handle your affairs is to establish an on-going relationship with you which allows us to recognise the issues that affect you and allows us to tailor our services appropriately for your circumstances. In this respect you will be allocated a specific client relationship manager to ensure that your affairs are dealt with efficiently and consistently on an on-going basis.