• UK Tax Services

    Our primary service is to work with foreign nationals in helping them to understand the UK tax system after relocating to the UK. From there we use our expertise in tax mitigation to minimize the amount of tax payable. We pride ourselves in offering a tailored service in which we take the time to understand … Read More

  • US Tax Services

    US citizens and Green Card Holders have an on-going obligation to file US federal (and potentially US state) tax returns even if they are tax resident in another jurisdiction and even if they have been outside of the US for many years With the introduction of worldwide taxation in the UK for non-domiciled longer term … Read More

  • US Streamlined Procedure

    Americans who may have lived for years outside the US are generally fully compliant with their tax affairs in the country in which they live. However many have been unaware of their continued requirement to file US tax and information returns. These individuals should be considering a voluntary disclosure route … Read More

  • French Tax

    Since 2012, many non-French residents selling or letting their French properties had to pay social charges (15.5%) in addition to their capital gains or income taxes. This tax addition was highly criticized by the non-French residents as being discriminatory. A risk of double taxation was created on tax payers residing in a EU Member State. … Read More

  • International Tax

    We assist our clients manage the international, cross-border and offshore aspects of their tax affairs. Our extensive client base is international in outlook and constantly moving back and forth across borders. The international tax services we are able to provide include: Planning cross border moves and transactions; Dealing with the administration associated with cross border … Read More

  • Tax Investigations

    At Frontier we can assist with most forms of tax investigation or disclosure. Examples of the various types of investigations and disclosure we have dealt with on a regular basis include: HMRC Self Assessment enquiries – individuals, partnerships and small businesses (including companies) HMRC Expatriate Tax-based enquiries HMRC Voluntary Disclosures HMRC Investigations undertaken by HMRC … Read More

  • Wealth Protection

    Tax is often the main erosion of wealth. Frontier advises clients on: Accumulation of wealth – Frontier is able to advise you on how to save and invest tax efficiently. Preservation of wealth – We can advise you how to hold your assets, investments and business interests as tax efficiently as possible. Transfer of wealth … Read More