We assist our clients manage the international, cross-border and offshore aspects of their international tax affairs. Our extensive client base is international in outlook and constantly moving back and forth across borders.

The international tax services we are able to provide include:

  • Planning cross border moves and transactions;
  • Dealing with the administration associated with cross border moves and transactions;
  • International social security;
  • Double taxation treaties;
  • Multiple tax residence; and
  • Foreign (i.e. non UK) jurisdiction tax.

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Planning Cross Border Moves & Transactions

Frontier can advise on complex cross-border transactions where tax can be a major concern and determine the success of a business especially if it is dealing with international customers. Frontier can assist with the planning for these transactions and specialises in dealing with Owner managed businesses.

International Administration

Families with complex international arrangements in place require continuous planning and management to ensure structures are still relevant and meet the needs of interest parties. Frontier can act as the adviser for global assets and where necessary draw upon the relevant specialists in other jurisdictions when required.

Social Security

Whether you live or work in a given country may determine your obligation to pay Social Security to that country. Also your Social Security obligation may continue in the country where you were previously resident. This determination depends upon the facts and circumstances of each individual case.... Read more >

There is also a network of international Social Security agreements known as totalization agreements which seek to prevent double taxation from a Social Security perspective.

We can assist you in reviewing your circumstances to ensure your Social Security obligations are met and where possible, such costs are minimized.

Double Tax Treaty

One implication of the increasing integration of national economies is that double-tax treaties are even more relevant today. One main taxpayer benefit provided by double-tax treaties is the avoidance of international double taxation, which arises when the same income or gains are taxed in two different states upon the same taxpayer... Read more >

Typically this unwelcome phenomenon arises where both the country of residence of the taxpayer and the country of source of the income or gains both claim taxing rights, based on the respective connecting factors of residence and source.

Frontier can assist to ensure that this scenario does not occur and ensure that with careful planning that tax is only paid in the relevant place and double tax is eliminated.

Careful planning can ensure that tax is only paid in one jurisdiction whilst ensuring that it is minimised in the other or eliminated by using the relevant treaties.

Voluntary Disclosure

With more and more countries entering into Exchange of information agreements and establishing voluntary disclosure programs. It has become important for individuals with assets located in various International jurisdictions to ensure that they are compliant in each jurisdiction as well as their own home jurisdiction.... Read more >

Additionally, on occasions it may be such that there is a requirement to disclose certain transactions to the relevant states in an efficient and compliant manner. Frontier can assist with ensuring that you make the correct choices as well as advising you through a process which can be painful even in the best of times. If you would like to discuss the receipt of correspondence you may have had from banking institutions or just need a review of your personal situation we are able to help.

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Non domiciled individuals coming to the UK have an ability to choose to be taxed in the UK on a remittance basis. This means that for a number of years you are able to minimize your UK tax obligations by ensuring that non-UK income or gains are kept offshore.... Read more >

There may be circumstances in which you need to bring additional funds to the UK – perhaps to purchase a property – and you need to ensure that this is done in an efficient manner in order to avoid any potentially avoidable UK tax implications.

For taxpayers who have been present in the UK for any part of 7 out of the previous 9 UK tax years the benefit of claiming the remittance basis would need to be reviewed annually as a remittance basis charge would be levied of £30,000 per year (which rises to £50,000 once you have been present in the UK for any part of 12 of the last 14 UK tax years).