Tax is often the main erosion of wealth. Frontier advises clients on:

  • Accumulation of wealth – Frontier is able to advise you on how to save and invest tax efficiently.
  • Preservation of wealth – We can advise you how to hold your assets, investments and business interests as tax efficiently as possible.
  • Transfer of wealth – ultimately you will be passing on your wealth to others we can advise you on inheritance and generation planning.


The majority of our clients purchase property of some form or other. Whether a private residence, a pied de terre, holiday home or part of investment strategy. Property often makes up the largest share of a clients overall wealth and these properties are often located all round the world... Read more >

Care has to be taken when purchasing property as it is an illiquid, immovable and tangible asset. Frontier will be able to advise you on the various tax issues that may arise in your country of residence and the jurisdiction of the property.

International Assets

We assist our clients manage the international, cross-border and offshore aspects of their tax affairs... Read more >

Our extensive client base is international in outlook and constantly moving back and forth across borders.

The international tax services we are able to provide include:

    Planning cross border moves and transactions;

  • Dealing with the administration associated with cross border moves and transactions;
  • International social security;
  • Double taxation treaties;
  • Multiple tax residence; and
  • Foreign (i.e. non UK) jurisdiction tax.
  • International Disclosures e.g. Swiss/Lichtenstein disclosures

Whatever your international tax needs, please feel welcome to get in touch.

One of our specialists will be happy to have a free, initial discussion with you and will either be able to advise or put you in touch with someone who can.


Frontier does not provide pension or investment advice however we do advise clients on the tax aspects of a pension ensuring the correct tax reliefs are claimed, the tax effects on certain investments and issues arising when you move or distribute from a pension.


When investing it is important to consider the tax treatment not only of the initial investment but on the future income and/or gains from the investment. In many cases you can hold the investment in a tax efficient manner.

Tax Incentivized Investing

In many jurisdictions their Governments will promote growth or investment into various sectors by granting tax incentives to the investor... Read more >

In the UK there are a number of these:

  • Pensions
  • National Savings and certain Treasury stock
  • Individual Saving Accounts (ISA)
  • Enterprise Initiative Schemes (EIS)
  • Seed Enterprise Initiative Schemes (SEIS)
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCT)

Whilst Frontier does not provide investment advice, we do advise and review various of the above to ensure they are suitable from tax perspective.